Once I entered the metartverse, all the reality I knew ceased to make sense. In its place, diverse realities appeared before me. Each space in this metaverse had its own atmosphere, its own aesthetic. This virtual space had no beginning and no end, it was a continuum in which one could appear and disappear whenever one wished.

As if it were a dream, each movement through the rooms of this metartverse became an adventure in which I became a different avatar, the protagonist of my own story. A journey through dreamlike landscapes and unique places through which to discover and discover myself.

And so, as if I were chasing a virtual white rabbit, I travelled through this metartverse and got to know the characters that inhabited it, becoming part of their stories, sharing their spirit.

If the destiny of humanity is to live in a metartverse, I only hope it is like this one, full of sensations, full of eclecticism and diversity, unique, original, dreamlike… a metartverse to go to when you get tired of growing up and dreams take too long to come true.