nhow is an international hotel chain belonging to NH Hotels based on a disruptive concept in which each hotel is in itself a unique work of Art, with architecture and interior design taken care of in every detail along with an innovative design based on large murals dimensions that provide the spaces with an environment in which creativity and inspiration flow in each wall.

nhow Amsterdam RAI is a 4-star hotel located next to the Amsterdam RAI Convention Center whose creative concept is based on the mixture of the different cultures of the world.

As a freelance collaborator for the architecture studio GLG Architects, I designed a large curved mural for the hotel’s restaurant.


nhow Amsterdam Rai Hotel


The composition for the restaurant, located on the 17th floor, is one of the most spectacular in the hotel.
From the basic concept of the mixture of world cultures, I developed a surrealist Pop Art style composition in which a chaotic welter of characters and elements reminiscent of Mexican, Scottish, English, Dutch and Indian cultures intermingle and float across the curved surface that houses them.
The work is clearly divided into two halves: day and night, delimited physically by a corner and creatively by the colour palette, with a prevalence of warm tones in the daytime area and cool tones at night.