Hi, I am David

I am a creative designer with a multidisciplinary profile. My adventure in the world of design began in 2002, after returning from a two-year stay in London where I studied Art and Design. In these 20 years I have experienced the profession from different roles: working in agencies as a designer and later managing small teams. As a partner in a studio. As an external collaborator. Finally as a freelance, a role I still play today.

My interest in discovering new creative facets has led me to train and gather experience in different creative fields: graphic design, digital design, mural design, infographic design, animation and illustration. You can’t cover so many fields and be a specialist in all of them; I have a level of specialisation in some of them, in others I have a good professional level.

My vision of the creative profession is to transcend disciplines and seek visual excellence at any cost.

IIdeas matter, results matter, it doesn’t matter how you get there.