nhow is an international hotel chain belonging to NH Hotel Group based on a disruptive concept in which each hotel is in itself a unique work of Art, with an architecture and interior design with attention to detail combined with an innovative design based on large-scale murals that give its spaces an atmosphere in which creativity and inspiration flow on every wall.

nhow Frankfurt is a 4-star hotel that celebrates the city’s historic links with the financial industry. Here, the art of money is lived and experienced at all times. It features extravagant touches, innovative design furniture and an exclusive Insider Lounge for VIPs.

The NFT Sky Bar is the highest cocktail bar and restaurant in the city of Frankfurt. Located on the 47th floor of the hotel, the stunning views of the city compete with a modern and stylish interior design with a large mural (designed by me) dedicated to cryptocurrencies as the centrepiece.


NH Hotel Group invited me to create the first collection of NFTs in its history, a pilot project in the context of its NFT Sky Bar that has been an unparalleled success.


NH Hotels asked me to create a series of 3 NFTs inspired by each of the 10 cocktails on the NFT Sky Bar menu. From this idea, I came up with the “Metartverse” concept:

“This project is called “Metartverse”, not Metaverse, because the concept behind it is not the metaverse as we know it, or as the media usually tries to make us perceive it. I have hacked the word Metaverse and turned it into a Metartverse, an art-centred Metaverse.
This NFT project introduces this new concept of an art-filled metaverse with the aim of humanising and beautifying virtual space, to create an organic metaverse that is diverse, colourful, original and genuine.
To experience this proposed art-filled virtual world you just have to shake off your preconceptions about the metaverse and be open to discover new conceptions of it. I have created 10 unique spaces that have no correlation with each other in terms of style, colour and technique, but together they build an eclectic metaverse of animated art. An organic metaverse that has a life and personality of its own, as opposed to corporate experiences.”

*The collection was sold on Monday 28th November through the exclusive Enefty platform, which collaborated with NH Hotel Group on this project as a technology partner.