Artist. Muralist. Designer.


My artistic profile is multidisciplinary, I work in the fields of illustration, collage, photomanipulation, 3D, animation and artificial intelligence.
Through these techniques I can express my outer world, my concerns, my craziest ideas.

I am an artist with a marked avant-garde profile: my work moves in pop art, contemporary digital art and experimental art.

In the field of pop art, my work in illustrations of female portraits is relevant, shown in exhibitions in Madrid and London (Chelsea) during the past decade and in international art platforms such as Design Taxi.

In the field of digital art, my work in photomanipulation and digital collage stands out in projects such as Geishaverse, exhibited in Madrid or Daydream, which received international attention in the internet media.

Currently, like other digital artists, I am exploring new forms of experimental art that include artificial intelligence tools as part of the process. Crypto-art and the possibilities of artificial intelligence applied to art and design will play a leading role during this decade and I, as an experimental artist, want to be part of this revolution and adapt my art and creativity to these new tools that will bring us so much creative power.


My professional career has been linked to the world of design, both graphic design and especially digital design. Throughout a 20-year career I have had the opportunity to develop my creativity for global brands such as Adidas, L'Oréal Paris, 3M, Playstation, Samsung, Pfizer, Carrefour, Diesel, Bourjois, Cacharel, D&G... a career in which I have had the opportunity to carry out very diverse projects and move in different fields of design: animation, infographic design, web design, graphic design and art direction. Having moved through so many creative fields has allowed me to gather valuable experience and has given me a 360º profile with which I can create integral creative projects.


As a muralist I have worked on major projects for nhow hotels around the world. I am the designer/artist behind the murals, carpets, floors, ceilings and headboards for the nhow hotels in Amsterdam, Brussels and Frankfurt, as well as other hotels currently under development.

My work for nhow hotels is eclectic but mostly pop art and surrealism. Colourful, sensitive and provocative work that reflects the transgressive spirit of the nhow brand.


I am a creative mind that moves freely between art, design and muralism. I develop my art to express and externalise my concerns, I develop design projects to bring creativity and imagination to the world of brands and I develop muralism to bring my creative vision into a context that will leave its mark for many years to come.

A blank canvas is not a challenge for me but an opportunity, the opportunity to change the world by changing people, the opportunity to bring my vision of things, the opportunity to grow and develop myself.

Have a Project in Mind?

I am always open for proposals, if you think I can add value to your project, get in touch with me and let's discuss it