I am a multidisciplinary artist who has created large murals for luxury hotels all over the world: Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Chile, Rome....

My work as a muralist has been widely appreciated internationally. You can see my murals here: www.english.davidzuker.com

I am fascinated by pop art and urban art, these styles are the starting point of inspiration from which I create my mural artwork, in which I develop bold compositions full of chaos, colour and references to popular culture. Through my work I transform pop art into a new visual language adapted to the imaginary and popular culture of our time.

My DNA as a digital artist allows me to transcend the visual codes of analogue art and work under new paradigms. I have created NFT art collections sponsored by major brands that have been very successful. I am currently in a process of evolution in this field in which I hope to develop ambitious projects over the next few years.

As an experimental artist, I move in different creative directions. My restlessness prevents me from focusing all my work on a single style or direction.
I experiment with artificial intelligence tools, through which I explore cyberpunk and transhumanist Aesthetics, updating the dystopian worlds associated with this movement. My experimental work with artificial intelligence is focused on creative exploration rather than creation.