Breaking Boundaries: my Digital and Experimental Art


As a multidisciplinary artist, I have created large murals for luxury hotels across the globe. My work as a muralist has been widely recognized internationally, and you can view my portfolio on my website

I draw inspiration from pop art and urban art, infusing my mural artwork with bold compositions, vibrant colors, and nods to popular culture. Through my work, I aim to transform pop art into a new visual language that resonates with the imaginary and popular culture of our time.

Beyond my work as a muralist, I am fascinated by the possibilities of digital art. As a digital artist, I explore new paradigms and transcend the visual codes of analog art. I have created successful NFT art collections sponsored by major brands and am currently working on ambitious projects in this field.

My restlessness as an experimental artist leads me to explore various creative directions. I experiment with artificial intelligence tools to explore cyberpunk and transhumanist aesthetics, updating the dystopian worlds associated with this movement. Although my experimental work with artificial intelligence is focused on creative exploration, I am always pushing the boundaries of what is possible.